Legal Marketing – Branding Your Social Media

Social media has become a major talking point in the realm of marketing and business development. Today, almost every professional has a LinkedIn profile, if not a blog and a twitter account. Whether or not you choose to participate in any of the above, you should know that everything that’s put out into the world needs to reflect your personal brand.

Think about the market you have decided to focus on and tailor your online presence to attract them. What does your bio say about you? Does your firm have a LinkedIn page? If you tweet, what does your Twitter page look like? Does your picture reflect your visual brand? Is your logo clear and recognizable? Here are a few of my favorite tips for making sure your social media is on the right course:

Again, keep it consistent. My own blog is very clearly branded. It uses my signature black and complements the color with the same tones as my books and website. Even the title reflects my brand-both in the “black and white” and the meaning behind it. I give simple, straightforward advice; black is my signature color. That’s a personal brand. Content is the same idea… stick to what your target audience wants to know and don’t get off track. Make contact information easily visible and identifiable and always put your logo in a prominent place.

Though it may be harder to brand from a design point of view, you can still be aware of your personal branding when it comes to your LinkedIn account. First, be diligent about updating your information; second, be sure to link to your website, blog or twitter; and third, join networking groups that directly relate back to your area of expertise.

If you choose to tweet, make sure you’re staying on topic. Create a filter for the subject of your tweets and make sure all content stays within that filter. On the design side, take advantage of the availability of a custom background. Personalize it with your contact info (or at least your website or blog) and keep colors, logos and photos consistent with your branding. Let people instantly recognize that this is YOUR page and know what to expect.

A few other quick design tips?
• Make sure your logo or tagline plays a prominent role as soon as the page appears.
• Stick with the same colors and fonts as your website, brochure or business cards, (no need to look like a twin sister, but it should look like a family member).
• Be organized in the way you think out placement of buttons such as “search” or “archives” and make sure they are easily spotted.
• Make sure headlines look like headlines and not simply blocks of copy and use links or quotes to enhance the readability of your posts.

Whatever medium you choose to participate in, remember to ask yourself one important question: Can someone easily identify the blog as YOURS upon first glance? That doesn’t mean intricate design or flashy graphics, it simply means bringing a sense of organization to the visuals and reflecting your brand in the color, fonts and logos used. Stay true to your personal branding and you’re on the right track.