Business Marketing, Branding and Opening Doors – 5 Success Tips

Do you find yourself thinking back on your business history of working for others?

Back when I worked for the church and then as a FHA Loan Officer, it was all about excellence – reading all the latest business books and quickly gaining a reputation as the person that was going places.

It was a simpler time: do your job with dedication, anticipate future needs and take care of this before being asked.

  • The result? Business was growing 33% a year, management had me as the number one person to watch, and my own financial growth was going way up.

As an entrepreneur, things are different. Knowing all aspects of the business and doing more than a great job is required. It’s about the overall experience you provide:

  • What image does your business portray?
  • Connection: Have you identified your market and the simple elements of branding that would help you connect with them?
  • The Marketing Plan: How do you communicate your brand through online marketing, social media and direct mail?
  • Are you crafting promotional materials and creating marketing campaigns that get results?
  • Do your clients know what to expect or is each contact with you a different experience?

And – it is about understanding yourself and how you operate.

5 Success tips to implement in your business if you’re looking for success and sustainability:

  1. Develop a way to connect with your clients – branding
  2. A marketing plan– Your market wants really good content and connection- is your sales site giving that?
  3. Share your project and ask for partnership with industry celebrities
  4. Create systems, which support you: client intake system, outgoing client completion documentation, how you gather – and use – email addresses, surveys, testimonials, etc.
  5. Follow-up. Let your clients and prospective clients know you care by following-up on a regular basis – offering value, your own product/service information and affiliate offers.

How your business is perceived by others, especially your clients, begins with you. What needs to be recreated, reworked and changed to bring your business the big impact?

Working as an entrepreneur, on your own, can be an isolated feeling. Trying to find your way and answers can happen through books and online training. But, getting focused and aligned with your clients and opening promotional and marketing doors can flow much easier and more quickly with a mentor – a coaching business entrepreneur. I have certainly found that true. Let me know what you think.